The Future of Transportation

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Where is transportation headed? Electric cars, self driving cars, and software that can factor real time traffic, car availability, shortest distance between A and B, road closures, etc. So what will the future of transportation look like?

What if transportation was a monthly subscription service- much like your phone bill. What if you subscribe to, let’s call it Amooni taxi for giggles. You open your app, and order your ride. Your wait time is similar to what you’d wait now for Uber or lyft. Your car arrives, and guess what, no driver. Completely autonomous. You hop in, get on with the need for the day and get dropped at work. You know every time you get in the car- A you don’t have to focus your attention on driving and B you are going to get to your destination in the most safe and efficient way possible. Your ride is quiet- surprise it’s electric! Once Amooni taxi runs out of energy, it goes and parks itself at a charging grid to refuel (total time 30 minutes). Meanwhile, that 30 minute trip to work just cost you $1.00. Let’s do the math…

When technology can make things more efficient on a scale of 10 fold, that’s a huge innovation. This will improve traffic, parking, energy consumption, and ummm give traditional drivers more time for themselves. Not only that, how often have you had to do with car maintenance issues. Not only is it costly, but a killer of your spare time. You don’t have to maintain anything! You don’t have to buy or sell anything. You can just use as needed. If you need a larger vehicle, you can get one, you need to order a vehicle for 40 people- done! You need to pick up hay for your cattle- done! 

On average people spend $500 per car per month. What can you do with an extra $400?

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