Millennials Need for Fulfilling Work and Fulfilling Careers

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Millennials need for fulfilling work and fulfilling careers is HUGE. I guess it’s not just Millennials, but also for Gen Z and possibly other earlier generations as well. We want more from our work other than a steady pay check. We want to feel like our contributions matter and that we are making a difference for humanity. Getting paid is nice, but not complete without feeling fulfilled.

Each generation made some sort of progression. My American grandfather worked right after fighting in World War II. He stayed at the same company for 38 years before he retired. He wanted a secure job with consistent pay. He grew up in the Great Depression and witnessed death first hand in the war. All he wanted was a family and a stable life. And that’s what he achieved and felt content with. He was happy to go to the same place of work every day, and work with the same people. His job was limited in growth because he didn’t have a college education, but he was happy with it. It paid the bills, and it was very very stable.

My grandfathers story is different from our story. Most of us have had enough to eat, live in a safe place, have warm clothes, running water, etc. We have become accustomed to these things, and now we are wanting something even more.

We want to keep humanity moving forward. We don’t want to be lazy beach bums- we want to go out and make a difference. Millennials want to have fulfilling work and fulfilling careers.

So what do we want?

We want to be treated with respect and dignity, be given opportunities to do new things in new places, be thanked for our extra hours, feel as if we made something better. Oh and yea getting paid is good too! 

Nothing is more disappointing, than to start a new fresh job out of college, only to find that it’s nothing like what you imagined. You have just completed 4 years of school (or maybe more lucky you!) and you feel the earth beneath your feet. Only to discover that what you thought was earth, was actually a persian rug- hah! 

I have seen so many fresh graduates really lose their momentum when working in corporate. Companies are missing out on all of their potential. It doesn’t cost anything to make the workplace a place where employees feel that their contributions matter. 

Millennials and Gen Z want more flexibility, more responsibility, more feedback, more inspiration, and more vacation time (not to be confused with more pay- most people I know will be happy to take a pay cut to have a few extra vacation weeks a year).

If our society can start to embrace these needs from our generation, they will be able to pull the best out of us. Our future rests in the hands of the up and coming.

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